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Ode to Light

artist duo mimeograf ( Elind Rui Blix and Wyn-Lyn Tan )

ink, cotton, fresnel light, profile spotlight, mobile phones, amber filter, water, mirrors, black clothes and shoes, varying brushes

12 m2

2016 - present

Project developed since 2016 i collaboration with Wyn-Lyn Tan from Singapore. So far it had screenings at Artijuli in Bøvær, in the pilot project Levende Lokaler for Tromsø Kommune and Koro and premiered for the artist run gallery Snerk in 2017.

The project invites other artists to participate. At Levende Lokaler in 2018 we invited Eirik Abri to improvise sound. The excerpt in the video is taken from the performance at Kråkeslottet in Senja in 2017 with Wyn-Lyn Tan.

filmed by Emilie Blichfeldt

edited by Wyn-Lyn Tan


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